Turn Your Wireless Phone into a Virtual Office Phone System

2018-Grasshopper Group, now with over 350,000 happy customers, has established a way for small businesses and entrepreneurs to turn their wireless phones into a virtual office phone system without any new hardware at all.

Have you joined the millions of people who have started an online business or are you working from home?   Do you have remote employees that report to a virtual office at home or work in the field the majority of the time?   Do you have a retail business with retail employees who do not have dedicated extensions?   Do you travel a lot?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Grasshopper’s wireless office solution may be for you.   This is a fantastic way to sound more professional to your customers and partners while streamlining your business communications for a very attractive price.

Your current wireless phone is provisioned for Grasshopper’s system and includes a toll free number, extensions on your wireless phone for all of your employees, call forwarding, business texting, and voicemail translation into text.   There are no long term contracts, you may upgrade at any time, and you are free to choose a local number or a toll free national number including the recently released toll free 833 prefix.   Get yours now before all the vanity numbers are gone.

Pricing will range between $24 for entrepreneurs who need less than 3 extensions to $89 for small businesses who need unlimited extensions and multiple phone numbers.   If you’re in the middle, perhaps you’re a growing business with 1-3 employees, then maybe the $49 plan will be your best bet.

If you combine Grasshopper Group’s offering with VPN for data security and hop on board with T-Mobile’s One Plan and a free X4 4G Android Smartphone from Nettalk Wireless, then you’ll have a complete and secure business solution that you can ever offer to prospective employees as an incentive to join your company.   Not to mention the image you will project to your prospective clients.

Your small business has been waiting for a solution like this that won’t break the bank.


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