Look Like a Big Time Company on a Small Time Budget

2018 – When was the last time you walked into a Taco Bell and said “I’ll have a Coke with that” only to hear back from the cashier “Is Pepsi OK?”.   I’ll bet it wasn’t THAT long ago.

And why?  It’s because Coke has done a better job creating brand awareness at the consumer level.  “Coke” is pretty much used as a generic term for soda, not by everybody, but by enough people where it makes a difference.  I have no clue what Coke vs Pepsi sales are but it doesn’t take much to conclude that Coke is probably king by a long shot.   In fact, I bet Coke beats all the other cola companies combined.

Is Pepsi technically a different kind of soda than Coke?  Sure.  Do many people prefer it?  You bet.   Even I prefer Pepsi, slightly, and guess what?   That’s exactly what I did the other week by habit.

Now some say perception is everything in business and that’s somewhat true.   Especially at the consumer or client level, in other words, the people who you want to do business with you.

Grasshopper Group enables a small or start-up company develop a professional image with a larger company “feel” by provisioning your wireless smartphone with a separate nationwide toll free number and multiple extensions for all of your employees or if no employees, your multiple departments.   

This is helpful as you network, pass out cards, hire employees or interact with potential clients.  It’s brand marketing that costs you less than your lowest utility bill.   And you’re far more likely to grow your business faster.

Add that feature to T-Mobile’s One Plan for Small Business and give your employees a complete office phone system without the need for an office.   And they’ll market your brand as well through their interactions.

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It’s low level, low cost brand marketing that you can’t afford to pass up.

Virtual Business Phone System

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